Delicious custom design cakes in Barcelona by Maria Tamgina
Layer cakes
Passion fruit and coconut
Layers of cake loaded with shredded coconut, light and a bit sour passion fruit mousse
Peanut, chocolate, caramel
Chocolate cake, light peanut butter frosting, crunchy caramelised peanuts and home made caramel
Yogurt panna cotta and berries
Creamy vanilla panna cotta made with natural yogurt, vanilla cake, tangy "forrest berries" sauce (raspberry, blueberry, black currents etc.)
Basil and lemon
Buttery victorian sponge cake, sour lemon curd, basil cream cheese frosting
Honey crème fraîche
Thin layers of moist and fluffy honey cake, light crème fraîche frosting.

Banana Baileys
Chocolate banana cake, generous Baileys soak and creamy banana whipped cream frosting.
Something else
Chocolate truffle cake
Flourless bittersweet chocolate cake, sour cherry compote and vanilla whipped cream
Tres leches
Fluffy coconut cake soaked in a mixture of milks with caramel and cinnamon. Served in a foil mold with coconut chips and meringues
Classic (almost) cheesecake with Spanish smoked cheese Idiazábal, salted caramel and home made graham cracker
Layer cakes
Sizes and pricing
Price includes basic design and decoration with a circle of berries and greens.
You can order additional decorative elements.
Why choose us?
All cakes are made using only fresh natural high quality ingredients. I would never use something that I wouldn't eat myself.
I choose flavor over appearance. If something looks good but tastes bad, I don't use it.
All the products are made in the professional restaurant kitchen, neat and clean. With my caring and loving hands.
I lived in different countries and travelled a lot, gathering experience that makes our cakes better.
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